Monday, July 12, 2010

Creating neons with dexx tool

Needed Softwares: 3D Studio Max, Kam's Script(optional), Dexx Tool, RW Analyze

This tutorial will show you how to use Dexx's Tool for 3D Studio Max to make nice neons on your cars for GTA San Andreas:

Step 1 - Import your own .dff  in 3ds using Kam's script or just import your model in another format,run dexx tool from your 3ds window and set the options like in pic(for standart neons)

Step 2 - Create some omni lights in the order of lights font and assign them a colour like in pic

Step 3 -  When u placed all the omni lights on your side clone them to the other side to have the neons on both sides like this

Step 4 - When you finished  select all the omni lights and go in the dexx tool script menu and click Add Light Info (Light), then edit your lights options and click on Apply to Lights at the end click on Export Info.It will ask you to save a file that includes the lights options

Step 5 - Now open RW Analyze and import your .dff clicking on File;Open,then close the frame list list like in pic

Step 6 - Open the geometry list and check the first geometry line and go in his extension menu

Step 7 - Right click on Extension and select Add Section,a windows will show up.Now u have to select the GTA Light setting or set the value to 0x253F2F8

Step 8 - Select Ok and it will create a new voice,right click on this new section added and select Import Section Data

Step 9 - Select the preveously saved file with dexx tool and click OK.Now just save your .dff and try it ingame :D
Warning:If u will reimport the .dff in 3ds or Zmodeler you will lose the omni lights and u have to add them again from RW Analyze so always backup your file.sae


Thanks to U-505,FunGT and Giorgio91

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