Saturday, July 10, 2010

Toyota Supra

This is just a full stock toyota supra from 1995 converted for GTAIV by me.To add extra skins on the car just open the .wtd with G-Textures and change the images named skin_sign_1;skin_sign_2;skin_sign_3;skin_sign_4 with your own skins and u'll get the skins ingame on the car like extra.

Thanks Kotton,FunGT and Giorgio91 for hel
Thanks TheBk93 for pics

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Chris said...

Wow! That was a great revamp. I wonder If I can have my supra conversion at Indianapolis car repair. My friend, Luigi had tuned-up his Nissan Sentra in an auto service (Indianapolis-based) and its engine runs superb. Aside from tuning, I'm planning to change my car interiors as well.